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    Developer Mind. Friendly Design.
    I believe in innovation and interactivity for a better web experience.

Where you can find my work...

ModernThemes, LLC.

Co-Founder and WordPress Theme Developer

Created WordPress themes that have been downloaded over 200,000 times and featured on websites such as WP Tavern, Webdesigner Depot, and Awwwards. Our daily traffic ranks us within the top 35,000 websites in the world.

Mr. Smith Agency

Director of Interactive Development

As Director of Interactive Development & Technology, I provide management and strategic oversight for the technical planning, execution, and delivery of large-scale interface development initiatives across Mr. Smith’s client base.

Themes Featured on WordPress.org.

These are themes that are posted to the WordPress Themes Repository. They have gone through all required WordPress tests and meet theme requirements and standards.

+ Sensible

60,000+ Downloads

+ Gridsby

100,000+ Downloads


50,000+ Downloads

Some other websites I have worked on.

All of my current work samples can be found at ModernThemes and Mr. Smith.
I've worked on hundreds of websites, but here is a little bit of what I have done in the past.

+ Legends of Airpower

eCommerce Video - Maryland

+ Contemporary Dental

Medical - New York

+ Crown Complex

Arena - North Carolina

Hello, my name is Michael Driscoll.

Front-end and WordPress Developer and Designer.

I am owner abd co-founder of ModernThemes where I dig into WordPress as a theme developer, and have worked as UI and web development for the Mr. Smith Agency. In the past, I worked as a web designer and front-end developer for Hearst Media Services, after starting my career in business development at various companies. Working on the internet is much more fun. I spend the rest of my time thinking about fantasy baseball and football, countries to visit, watching or reading Game of Thrones, and waiting for Liverpool FC to finally win the League.

Code + Languages - HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQuery.JS, mySQL, SASS

Specialities + Expertise - WordPress Theme Development, UI/UX design, Responsive/Mobile-friendly web design, eCommerce

Learning + Growing - Python/Django, GO, Ruby, Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to my life and passion.

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